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Cat Breeds - A to Z

Our Cat Odes are a well established line which we have been selling successfully since we first started way back in 1991. They are all meticulously researched and therefore highly accurate as regards the breed charactaristics. As well as including many historical details and interesting facts they also strive to express the essential spirit of the breed. Each Ode measures 10" x 12"

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Birman Cat
Ode to a Birman Cat

Burmese Cat
Ode to a Bermese Cat

Cat Lover
Ode to a Cat Lover

Manx Cat
Ode to a Manx Cat

Persian Cat
Ode to a Persian Cat
Rag Doll Cat
Ode to a Rag Doll Cat

Siamese Cat
Ode to a Siamese Cat

Cat Breeds - A to Z

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